Ken McKenzie
Phone: 250-246-4791
Toll Free: 1-888-246-8850

Centurion Lumber Manufacturing (1983) Ltd. manages manufacturing facilities in Chemainus, BC on two sites within one kilometer of each other. A description of each follows. Both plants are located central to deep sea docks in Nanaimo, Duke Point and Cowichan Bay as well as ferries to the mainland in three nearby locations.

CFP (Chemainus Forest Products) Planer mill

  • Versatile planing mill on a paved 12 acre site

  • Stetson-Ross 12 knife planer can surface from 1X2 through to 6X12 sizes using smooth or rougher knives.

  • Profiling (splitting)in thicknesses up to 4 3/8”

  • Chip blanker- the planer is preceded by a "chip blanker” for the purpose of reducing and regularizing oversized pieces prior to surfacing

  • DET (double end trim) system provides lengths in imperial and metric from 6’ (1.82m) to 24’ (7.32m).

  • Anti-stain – inline high pressure spray system provides anti sap-stain protection on all faces of each piece, when required.

  • Full grading, packaging, banding (IPPC (HT) attached dunnage), end painting, labeling and paper wrapping when required.

CCT (Copper Canyon Timber) Dry kilns, stick plant and planer mill

  • Dry kilns and high speed planer on a 15 acre site.

  • Dry kilns include nine (9) side loaders ranging from 40mfbm to 150mfbm charges and one (1) double track that can hold in excess of 200mfbm

  • The kilns are accompanied by a sticking/de-sticking plant as well as considerable dry storage area.

  • Drying programs are tailored to meet product requirements and the quality of drying is the key focus of every item.

  • The Stetson-Ross 20 knife planer is capable of surfacing most sizes and is attached to a 24 bin (soft drop) lumber sorter.

  • DET trimming, anti-stain treating, grading, packaging, and paper wrapping are all provided.